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 Almost all the articles published in these pages are proprerty of Tony Carratello. The articles in these pages, moreover, were recorded and then published in two national Greek magazines in the many years of collaboration. Most of these articles, are exclusively experiences and knowledges gained all over Italy, since 1981 dedicated to the world of sport fishing and surfcasting technique in particular, both personal and competitive at high levels.

 The Origins Of The Compass Rose  Get Start Fishing
 Fishing By Moon Phase  Fishing With Baits
 The... Other Tackle  Beside Live Baits
 The Rod Types  The Fishing Lines Stretch
 What Is The Beaufort Scale  The Red Fishing Line
 The Winter's Baits  Choosing The Right Fishing Line
 The Fishing Reels  The Meltemi Wind
 Freshwater Lakes & Ponds  The Tournament Casting History
 Fishing With Lures  August "Primo" Lievenais 1 - 2 - 3
 The Mustad Hooks Anatomy  The Lateral Line Of The Fish
 Circle Hook Land More Fish  Lure Colors For Successful Fishing
 The Solunar Theory  Waste Degradation Time
 The Solunar Tables Calculation  The Influence Of The Moon
 The Fly Line Memory And Stretching  The Full Moon Names
 The Fish Anatomy  Understanding Moon Phases
 Make The Difference: Take your Kids Fishing With You!  About Casting Weights
 Kids And Fishing  World's First Waterproofed Silk Casting Line
 Weather And Fish Activity  History Of Braided Line In Pics
 Weather Affects Fish Activity  Weights & Measures Conversion Tables
 The Real Scoop Of Moon Phases  The Solunar Fishing Forecast
 Sinkers Of The Surfcasting  The Danger At Sea
 The Discovery Of The True Surfcasting  About Fly Fishing Knots
 The Reel Drag In The Surfcasting  Analysis Of A Fly Rod
 Debut With Discernment  How To Choice A Surfcasting Rod
 Multiplier Or Fixed Spool  The Recreational Fishing
 Did You Know That...  The Summer Lightness
 Tides And Waves  The Baits Of The Beaches
 Surfcasting  How To Choose A Bolognese Rod
 The Spinning Reel Drag System  How To Pull A Fish Hook
 The Star Drag System  The Lever Drag System
 Native Full Moon Names